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22 Feb Serving Up Something Special in 2017

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02 Nov Do You Have a Learning Strategy?

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 We're excited to host this guest blog post by Dr. Bill Ryan. Dr. Ryan is an experienced instructional designer, having spent nearly 30 years mastering learning and development. Dr. Ryan has worked heavily in the insurance industry and has some great thoughts about learning strategy. 

04 Oct Do You Need an LMS?

In the last few installments of this blog, we’ve touched on topics that are key to the instructional design process but not discussed as often. A parallel conversation to course development is how to deliver the content.

08 Sep 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your SME Time

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As a learning company, here’s a question we’re asked often at Inno-Versity:How do you have all the knowledge required to develop materials for the huge variety of clients with whom you work? The simple answer is, we don’t.

17 Aug Our 7 Step Guide to Develop Amazing Training


 Policies and procedures, manuals and instructions, these are critical documents in every company. But most people probably wouldn’t categorize them as being very entertaining. At Inno-Versity, they get our undivided attention. They are the nuts and bolts, pieces and parts that we use as a foundation to build engaging training.

27 Jul Mobile Learning Tips and Tricks


In this ever-evolving, highly connected world we live in, you can certainly count on change.

Since the introduction of the first camera phone in 2000, mobile use has exploded. There are approximately 1.4 billion smartphones in service worldwide compared to 2 billion desktop computers. Additionally, mobile users account for 25% of web usage, and 9 in 10 Americans now use smartphones for work purposes. According to some predictions, by 2020, there will be 5.5 billion mobile users. That equals an astounding 70 percent of the global population!

05 Jul Keys To Better Millennial Managers


Millennials are one of the most studied, talked about and often misunderstood generations. The ways they think, act, dress, perceive the world and manage employees are different than anything we have seen before. But they are making a big impact on the way business gets done.

13 Jun What To Do With Millennials


The workplace dynamic and culture is rapidly changing. For the first time ever, four generations of employees are working side by side and organizations must now learn how to manage and train these distinctively different workers.

09 Jun The Culture Equation: Are You Measuring Up?


Have you seen Inno-Versity’s recent GreatMinds animation with Kristen Hadeed? Now we’re  sharing her blog to learn more about her ideas on company culture and increasing motivation. She believes measurement is a key ingredient for increasing motivation. How does measurement increase motivation? Read on at:

07 Jun 10 Things to Create Instead of an E-Learning Course


Is an elearning course really what your company needs? Sometimes while developing learning materials for clients we find it’s just not the best fit. Have you considered other options? Start by reading this list of “10 Things You Could Create Instead of an E-Learning Course” to help pinpoint exactly what type of training would best benefit your employees.