Inno-Versity Presents: Lessons Learned from Rapid eLearning Development (Webinar)

Lessons Learned from Rapid eLearning_ Partnering Well on a Rapid Timeline

Any eLearning professional can tell you that each project has its own unique challenges. Maybe you're working under a tight deadline, or in a high-pressure environment. Maybe you're dealing with complex topics or technology, and need to convey everything quickly and clearly. Or maybe you're facing all of those challenges at once. Fortunately, you're not the only one - and those who have been there before can help.

Join experts from Inno-Versity and William-Sonoma for an in-depth case study that will take you from discovery to creation and deployment of a complex eLearning project - a project that was completed in less than 9 months using in-house resources. Learn how they co-created a luxury brand look that employed a simple game approach to a technical AS400 system. Our speakers will share valuable lessons learned, including how to partner well with a vendor and support a large roll-out. They will also dive into the critical metrics needed to demonstrate Return on Learning to key business leaders.

In this session, you will learn how to:
- Employ a rapid development process for a high-profile launch on a very short timeline
- Build a successful and mutually satisfying partnership with a vendor
- Demonstrate Return on Learning (ROL) to key executives with specific metrics
- Incorporate creative animation and game elements into highly brand-focused eLearning modules
- Deploy eLearning to 1,000’s of remote-based learners based on lessons learned

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