Before we can achieve better learning, we have to understand how people learn. Discover our passion for helping others learn better by exploring these helpful resources.

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Learning Well Podcast: #0

In this short introductory episode, Miriam Taylor and Jerry Zandstra introduce you to the Learning Well, a podcast of Inno-Versity, where we take learning seriously, just not ourselves!  We invite you to join us as we explore the meaning behind our title and the format of the show.

Blended Learning (eBook)

This eBook explores the concept of blended learning for remote workforces and on-site teams and takes every factor into consideration, from tools to learner needs, instead of focusing solely on the traditional blended framework. Follow along as fictional company AshCom faces L&D challenges and rethinks traditional blended learning strategies using an innovative formula for success.

True Games (eBook)

What process do organizations go through when deciding to build a true learning experience game? This eBook is that story…a fable if you will. The company, AshCom, is fictional, but their story is based on a real company that wanted to increase its managers’ financial literacy. The learning team’s challenge is to find a way to increase management’s understanding of corporate finance, not a subject that is near and dear to most peoples’ hearts.

Mobile Learning (eBook)

The company featured in this fable, AshCom, is fictional, but the mobile learning challenges faced by Kathryn, AshCom’s CLO, and her team are real and commonly shared by learning teams in corporations, non-profits, associations, and education. Download this eBook to connect with the characters, their challenges, and the custom mobile app solutions they discover.

Needs Analysis (eBook)

Building and following a Needs Analysis system is vital to the success of the learning opportunities we create. Get an inside glimpse of this essential process as a fictional company, AshCom, follows the seven elements of the Needs Analysis. 

Microlearning (eBook)

Microlearning has been around, in some sense, since humans first taught one another something new. While the concept isn’t new, its delivery and accessibility are changing the landscape of learning. In this eBook, discover enticing microlearning tips for L&D professionals.

Custom Remote Learning (eBook)

Corporate learning delivery systems are changing. Executives and learning professionals have much to consider, but first and foremost is how to deliver quality training in the shifting sands between onsite, completely remote, and blended learning.

Gamification (eBook)

Games engage, challenge, motivate, and entertain. Why click through slides when you can play and learn at the same time? Learn how to bring gamification to your learning with solid theory and great case studies.

Higher Ed: The Future of Learning Delivery Strategies (eBook)

The recent pandemic has caused some uncertainty in learning delivery strategies for higher education. In this ebook, Jerry Zandstra, PhD will share his views and those of others as it relates to the shifting landscape of the new on-campus / off-campus reality.