Before we can achieve better learning, we have to understand how people learn. Discover our passion for helping others learn better by exploring these helpful resources.

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Life Cycle of Learning (eBook)

In this eBook, we'll look at the entire lifecycle and then we’ll look at how your learning organization can identify each stage, maximizing the potential and minimizing the pitfalls.

Measuring Your Learning Series

Inno-Versity shares how to measure learning program quality and effectiveness by using the triple bottom line analysis.

Providing An Amazing Custom eLearning Solution For Corporate Training eBook

We share a marvelous custom eLearning solution for corporate training and provide a complete guide for Learning and Development professionals.

Lessons Learned from Rapid eLearning Development (Webinar)

Join experts from Inno-Versity and William-Sonoma for an in-depth case study that will take you from discovery to creation and deployment of a complex eLearning project - a project that was completed in less than 9 months using in-house resources. Learn how they co-created a luxury brand look that employed a simple game approach to a technical AS400 system.

"Greatness" by David Marquet

This Inno-Versity digital learning piece was adapted from Captain David Marquet's talk on Greatness, and is based on his book, Turn the Ship Around! This animation has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube! 

Truly Human Leadership with Bob Chapman

Inno-Versity and Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller and INC's #3 CEO in the world, worked together to create this custom digital learning animation to spread the message of people-centric leadership. Take a look at this Larketing piece on the innovative business and people principles used by Bob Chapman to grow his company, Barry-Wehmiller, to over 2 billion dollars.  

Project Complexity Story

With everything that rides on a new eLearning project, complexity can turn the process into chaos. This animation walks you through that process, from stressful start to successful finish.

Great Minds Podcast: #014 Jennifer Rinck of Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has 400,000 employees, in over 100 countries, working for 13 distinct brands. With those numbers, what does their L&D look like? 

Dr. Zandstra sat down with Vice President of Learning, Jennifer Rinck, to talk about the challenges of training globally. 

Elements For Successful Learning (eBook)

We share our proven process with its five Elements of Excellence, our guide to producing award winning eLearning, our best advice on creating a culture of learning and more.